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You have the Tecno project with you once you register. Take it as a personal business and attend to it like you would to your baby. You have a vision and by ensuring accountablity, you will take it far. Persevere! Make a plan to promote your business and ensure flexibility in doing so. Where expertise may be required, embrace it since with Tecno it comes at no cost! We shall empower you to empower others. With Tecno and our sponsor ONYXCOIN, you will leverage....period!


WX3 LTE Key Specs / Features (SpecificationHighlight)


2G – Yes, 3G – Yes, 4G – Yes.

Processor / GPU:

1.3 GHz Quad core Cortex A53 / Mali


1 GB

Operating System

Android 7.0, Nougat.


Frequently Asked


Tecno and Kwakoo market place (Onyxcoin)
You register with a one-time fee of $13
You will need to keep the coins until December when the Onyxcoin will be encashed.
Money has evolved from one generation to the other. As we move away from fiat money, the world is slowly adopting what is called cryptocurrency and soon it will be used globally. When govrenments say that they are becoming cashless economies soon, they mean that they will use cryptocurrencies as forms of money. Onyxcoin is a cryptocurrency.
“OnyxCoin will be used to perform various services. On Kwakoo Marketplace, (the equivalent of the likes of ebay, Amazon and Alibaba) OnyxCoin will be the form of payment facility through which discounts and bonuses shall be rewarded."
Yes, you can have as many as you can manage
Yes, ensure you qualify. And you get them within a maximum of 3 working days of qualifying for each.
It is all up to you, the business is yours to leverage. If you want the rewards within a day, yes, it is all so possible.
Because you are important to us, we award you points as your team grows. As an added value, every time any member of your right matches with a member on the left, you earn points which go straight to your account. These points are redeemed as rewards.
Yes you can as long as you are approved by the company to run the business.

Tecno Phantom 8

  • Display: 5.7 inch IPS LCD 1080*1920 Full HD
  • Internet: 3G, 4G LTE
  • Camera: Rear: Dual 12MP+ 13MP (one is a telephoto lens),
    Tri- LED Flash ,
    Front: 20MP with Dual-LED flash
  • Battery: 3500mAh with fast charge
  • Colours: Phantom Black, Galaxy Blue, Champagne Gold
  • Body: 159.9*79.5*7.9mm Diamond Fire design
  • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat , HiOS 3.0
  • CPU: Octa core 2.6 GHz, A53, Mediatek Helio P25 (16nm)
  • GPU: Mali 880 MP2
  • RAM: 6GB RAM
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Special features:
  • Dual rear camera with 2X optical zoom and 10X digital super zoom
  • 6 GB RAM for fluid multitasking
  • Diamond Fire design that has a shiny back that reflects light beautifully
  • Fast charge; 0-100% in 70 minutes
  • The 16nm Mediatek Helio P25 guarantees great battery life
  • Global 4G LTE with speeds of up to 300mbps.
  • Rear mounted fingerprint reader
  • 3.5mm jack present

Pay Plan

The best pay plan that offers a great and useful product, affordable to get started with, consistent support, rewards your team growth efforts, pays everyday and provides the latest information on corporate changes and goals.

Registration fee = $12.5

Admin fee = $0.5

Referral bonus = 10% of registration fee

Matching bonus = 10% of registration fee


25 points = first reward

45 points = second reward

100 points = third reward

Daily cap = 20 matches


Tecno WX3 LTE + ONYXCOIN worth $50


Onyxcoin worth $100


Tecno Phantom 8 + ONYXCOIN worth $50


Onyxcoins worth thousands of dollars plus travel packages


"An asset that will, financially and socially, empower you and your generations"

More on Onyxcoin

"OnyxCoin will be deployed onto its own ecosystem where it will perform robust services. On Kwakoo Marketplace, OnyxCoin will be the premier payment facility through a discounts and bonuses system. OnyxCoin will deliver value through OnyxPay, a Blockchain innovation for Inventory, Audit, Enhancing Local Manufacturing, the efficient Delivery of Goods and Services.”

"What Customers Say"

Tecno customer reviews

I have great love for pictures. Every now and then, I yearn for pictures much more than food..lmao! And to me, Phantom 8 was a dream phone. It has the most awesome pictures ever for me and my partners in slaying….lol, Yes! I am considered a slay queen by the dudes whom I keep taking snaps with and have them posted on social media. The snaps are prim and proper. I have had to refer quite a number of virtual friends online to Tecno stores to pick theirs….”What kind of phone do you use to snap away?” are kind of common questions I get in my inbox….it is Phantom8, go grab it now. ,,

Joselyn Naly

Save for getting a bit of fuzzy pictures in dim light, the Phantom 8 has it all. To the tech-savvy me, it has pleasantly brought out mouth dropping specs to the table: the 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM combo is enough to churn out a the best of a performance. I once fired up apps in gung-ho mode and witnessed a relatively unexpected lag but had minimal to zero impact and thus closed eyes to it . Its powerful 3500mAh battery lasts for over 24 hours at full-time use! A standard 60-minute YouTube video test at full brightness kicked out 18 per cent of power, I later used it for another 48 hours…surprise! ,,

Mutebi Mike

I love this Tecno WX3 LTE phone because of the battery which lasts for over 24 hours. I do not need to charge all the time. And it is one cheap smart phone, I was able to buy 4 for my shamba boys in my village in Nyeri, Kenya. I can be able to monitor their work progress on a daily basis, yet I only go there over the weekend. They send me videos and images of the work done everyday. I also supervise them online. The crop and dairy yield has improved greatly, thanks to the use of the Tecno WX3 phones. The boys have used the phones for over a year. ,,

Wanjiko Samantha

As a salesperson I find Tecno WX3 LTE affordable to many. It specs and features are good for its price range that averages $100. People who wish to have powerful smart phones that are not way too ecpensive can really benefit from this wonderful phone. I often recommend it for my customers who want those for which they are not ready to pay but yet can afford the Tecno WX3 LTE. Given an opportunity I would provide my contact here to tap into more buyers, hahaha. ,,

Ogwal Cecilia

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